Welcome to Lviv


Lviv is a city of grand architectural monuments, magnificent churches, old squares, cozy streets, museums, galleries with unique art treasures of different epochs of world civilization.

Lviv is a tourist centre. In the city of a Lion people carefully cherish a cultural property of past and at the same time try to suit modern demands. It was in Lviv where for the first time people substituted monotonous celebration of holidays by a new format of cultural events – various in topics festivals.

Old streets, mysterious atmosphere of past centuries that are kept in stone send out invisible but strongly felt breathes. And all this is Lviv which is a theatre, musical, artistic centre that produces numerous ways for development of modern culture and arts, interesting entertainment types which are combined in the variety of 50 festivals.

According to old traditions each number – said, written, implemented in some objects or phenomena – has some special magical power. Number “5” symbolizes strong energetic power, enthusiasm, positive attitude, strength, discovery of new phenomena, steps, risk and desire for everything unusual. Number “0” is a symbol of trust, stability, balance, confidence and desire to implement the plans with open heart. Therefore, combination of these two figures in number 50, and that’s the number of Lviv festivals, presupposes both traditional artistic actions and pioneering new performances that, undoubtedly, will create a unique, magical, not usual, luxurious decoration of festival Lviv which will satisfy any tastes and likes.

The feeling of holiday will never leave you in our beautiful and romantic city. Visit Lviv at any season – in winter, spring, summer and autumn and enjoy unforgettable performances that are actively taking place in Lviv – festival capital of Ukraine.


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